Already a maj fan of standard kettlebell rockers performed with two kettlebells moving forward and backward outside your legs — the sort of stuff that lights up your quads up like a bonfire. Play with the weights you use and range of your bounce, and there’s so much room to play and grow there.

The opportunity to take this movement from back and forth to side to side is one not to be missed, if it feels comfortable for you n your body this fine day.

Like its forward-backward sibling, this lateral version is another fantastic “gentle” plyometric movement: In performing it, we’re practicing getting springier and bouncier, more able to coil and uncoil, catch and release, our own body weight, and also added toys such as kettlebells.

Or one kettlebell, as the case would have. And in the case of the lateral rocker, I like to perform this movement with one, but modifications and outgrowth are welcome.

This movement tuckers out both my midback and my low hamstrings, up behind the knees, and feels useful for stabilizing side-to-side sway — learn to control the weight shift and transfer. Practice all the ways.

In injury prevention, practicing movement patterns in dynamic ways can go a long way toward injury prevention, and providing a pop of power is useful in being able to right your step when you go wrong.

Kettlebell Two-Handed Lateral Rocker

  • Deadlift a kettlebell so that the weight is hanging in front of you, arms straight down, feet somewhere between hip and shoulder-width apart.
  • From this hinged-from-the-hips position, rotate your torso through your ribcage and sink into a partial squat as you do.
  • Immediately reverse the movement, moving the kettlebell back the direction it came from and again sinking into a partial squat as it reaches the other side.
  • Repeat, developing a side-to-side rocking pattern. Keep your weight throughout your whole foot and adjust the position of your torso to offset the weight and its reversal of movement.
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