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What does it mean to be unapologetically strong?

Before I tell you what I think, have you answered that question for yourself? When you imagine being unapologetically strong, what will your day look like? How will you walk differently? How will you show up in your relationships differently?

Who will you see in the mirror?

Being strong straddles both the physical and psychological — think of people in your life who look strong and those who are strong. The gym, and strength training, in particular, is the perfect place to get strong and find mental strength. Unapologetically strong, for me and my wish for you, is to find that fine line where physical strength and psychological strength meet and show up consistently in your life.

If you’re here, it’s because you’re interested in feeling solidly and undeniably strong. Our mission is to work together to level up your strength and confidence — in and out of the gym.

My name is Mark Schneider.

After 20 years in health, wellness, and fitness, and through thousands of hours helping people learn to lift, recover post-surgery, and train for competition, my specialty developed into guiding people from “I can’t” to “How can I?” Regardless of where we start, if you are ruthless in living your most honest life, you’ll have amazing results. (Don’t worry, I’m here to guide you through the process.)

Unapologetically Strong Coaching is the strongest corner of the internet. When you join the league of the Unapologetically Strong, we only get stronger, together.

Let’s do this!

Whether you’re a brand-new, intermediate, or advanced lifter who’s interested in general strength or powerlifting, I’ll tell you the secret to my client’s success right now: My main goal is to make it next to impossible for you not to succeed.

Even though you’ll be part of a supportive and interactive group, I will be talking to you individually. Along with the program that forms to fit your body, I will also give you personalized coaching cues throughout our time together. Every time you hit the gym, you will feel confident in your ability to execute your plan, and certain that you are getting the full benefit out of each and every exercise.

We’re going to work together to increase your strength, confidence, and self-efficacy, but you’re the one doing the heavy lifting, so to speak. We’re in this together, you and me, and I’ll be at the top of my game for you.

If you’re ready to kick down the doors to your fitness goals, I want you to apply right now to get the conversation started and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Why wait? Talk to you soon.

~ Mark


"As a long-time personal trainer and powerlifting coach,

I thought I knew how my body worked in relation to lifting weights pretty well — until I started working with Mark. His eye for finely tweaking movements to better suit the individual is unparalleled, and I could feel my muscles working better and more strongly together immediately, after just one coaching cue from Mark.

Where for some trainers it may take a few tries before finding the right cue that sticks with the trainee, Mark always has the right words, on the first go, improving form and confidence wherever he goes with the simple drop of a sentence. And it wasn’t this way just for me, it’s a talent I’ve seen repeated hundreds of times with my fellow members at The Movement Minneapolis (and we’re all better lifters, and stronger humans, for it).

When you are connected with Mark you, as he told me once long ago, “become one of his people.” You will leave each interaction with Mark better than when you came in. If you’re interested in getting stronger and working with a high-level coach who keeps your strength, confidence, and mindset at the forefront of everything else, I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

-Jennifer B. (a.k.a. JVB)

"Mark’s creativity and tremendous knowledge...

… have been instrumental in helping me maintain and build strength while working through some old injuries. His attentiveness and proficiency at explaining new movements make his online coaching seem like it happens “in-person.” Mark truly cares about his coaching clients, and it shows.

-Gil G.

"Before I started working with Mark,

I was hesitant to hire a virtual coach for all the standard reasons: It was new to me, I didn’t understand the logistics, and would I really get the support I needed without a physical body beside me? Within the first week of interactions, I was a meme asking him to just shut up and take my money.

I came to Mark frustrated with my body and the medical care it had received thus far. I’d had debilitating knee and hip pain for so long that it had become a part of my identity — I’d accepted my limitations, and was simply hoping for a trainer who could help me work around them. Enter Mark: the supportive, intelligent, grounding force we’re all lacking, whether we know it or not.

In our time together, I transformed in ways I wouldn’t have believed if I had read them off a website. I not only squatted without pain for the first time in years, but through Mark’s creative programming, I got the strongest I’d ever been by a long shot. Mark understands the biopsychosocial model of wellness, and knows that to be coached well means more than having an extensive knowledge of biomechanics (though he does) and an endless array of exercise progressions (which again, he’s got for ya).

Mark is nonjudgmental, he truly hears you and cares about you as a whole person, and I cannot recommend him enough as a coach.

-Alyssa N.

"I feel very strongly about the positive effect...

…that Mark has had not only on my body but on my mental abilities to overcome obstacles. I started working with Mark when I was attempting to train for a marathon. All signs pointed to the fact that I should not be running it, but Mark was able to not only help me recover from a running-related injury, he was also able to help set up a program to help rebuild the strength that was lost somewhere after having a hundred babies (four).

His knowledge is endless. I looked forward to our sessions; somehow I left each time feeling more capable and confident in myself and what I was able to accomplish. He checks in on a regular basis, which is something I need. It was clear that he didn’t have a “one workout fits all” kind of mentality. He catered every exercise, every workout, and every text message to what and how I was feeling. There is no ego with Mark, and I never felt like I had something to prove to him. He is the best there is.

-Alyssa K.

"I reached out to Mark at a time that I was super unmotivated...

to write my own programming and train at all. I was interested in learning a little bit of biofeedback and improving my conditioning as well as my strength. I’ve dislocated my right shoulder four times and have always been nervous trying new things and trying to get heavy weight overhead. Mark has been nothing short of amazing. In the past year I have improved on all of my lifts, but more importantly my confidence is up and I am even back to rock climbing.

Mark has a unique ability to see movement and meet you exactly where you are with the exact regression or progression that will help you. He is gifted, creative, unconventional, and provides a true interactive coaching experience. His coaching has helped me improve my own coaching abilities and I can see it in the way my own clients move and have continued progressing as well.

-Maria B., MS, NASM, CPT

"I’ve worked with coaches before but none have approached coaching like Mark.

I was used to being asked for a big-picture goal and then the coach would write a program that was goal specific, but fairly generic. Mark asks more questions…many more. It feels like a partnership and the programming is tailored to my personality, my goals, and my body’s need for movement.

When I first started coaching with Mark it was a fairly pivotal time for me. I’d always lifted, played sports, and been very active. What I brought to Mark was a body that felt pretty broken after two sports injuries, back and shoulder surgery a month apart, and pain that I could not resolve. Mark coached me through recovery, out of pain, and has me stronger than I was before my injuries. With his coaching, I competed in my first powerlifting meet and trained for firefighter fitness testing. I also get to play hard without hurting.

I’m consistently amazed at how attuned he is to what I need from a program. I’m seven weeks into my most recent program and it is interesting, challenging, and I feel like I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of its potential. It’s like programming and coaching from a giant, walking brain — intuitive and probing questions, brilliant programming, insightful and effective feedback, more questions, and a catalyst for growth.

-Cyndi J.

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Unapologetically Strong’s founder, Jen Sinkler, is an award-winning writer, editor, publisher, and personal trainer who has been working in the fitness realm since 2003. Her goal is to foster a fitness space that allows people to explore a variety of fitness pursuits, connect in ways that honor all aspects of their identities, and generally flourish as their strongest selves.